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Galaxy News WCLB was a pre-Great War radio station based in Atlanta and a subsidiary of Galaxy News Network. By 2277, Galaxy News WCLB had been repurposed by DJ Murr into a community radio station that reported on the happenings around the Atlanta.




Notable Loot[]


Public Service Announcements & Commercials[]

Type Name
Announcement "Tis I, DJ Murr!"
Announcement "Tis I, DJ Murr!"
PSA Antiracist ghouls
PSA Sister Louisa's Church & Daughters of Freedom
PSA Walk the Railroads!
Commercial spot South Oak Furnishings
Commercial spot Carliey's Cabaret & Comedy Club
Commercial spot Crooks Brothers Wasteland Apparel
PSA "Science is dangerous. And super cool."

News Items[]

Type Name
News Brotherhood of Steel: Listening Post Echo
News Raider Graffiti
News Do-Gooders in Marietta
News Vault 103 catastrophe
News The Enclave at Arcjet Plant No. 6



DJ Murr maintains a rotating playlist of classic hits from the 1950s.