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Shortcuts are used to be able to easier link to certain pages in the "Fallout Wiki" namespace, typically policy and guideline pages. Shortcuts are simply redirects which all start with FW: followed by a number of letters in upper case. The letters should match what they link to to a certain degree; avoid completely random combinations.

All available shortcuts can be found in the list below or in Category:Shortcuts.

Setting up a shortcut[]

Create a new page with the proper name ("Fallout Wiki:<shortcut>") and then insert:

#REDIRECT [[name of target#FW:{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] 

{{shortcut}} should then be placed either at the top of the page or in the section you want the shortcut to point to. If the template is already present in the location where you wanted to put it, simply add your new shortcut to it.

List of shortcuts[]

Policy shortcuts[]

Shortcut Points to
FW:AP Fallout Wiki:Administration policy
FW:C Fallout Wiki:Content policy
FW:CONTENT Fallout Wiki:Content policy
FW:CAT Fallout Wiki:Content organization guideline#Categorization
FW:CONDUCT Fallout Wiki:User conduct guideline
FW:DIS Fallout Wiki:Content organization guideline#Disambiguation
FW:DISAMBIG Fallout Wiki:Content organization guideline#Disambiguation
FW:EDIT Fallout Wiki:Editing guideline
FW:EDITCAP Fallout Wiki:Editing guideline
FW:IMAGE Fallout Wiki:Image policy
FW:IV (deprecated) Fallout Wiki:Video policy
FW:G Fallout Wiki:Policies and guidelines
FW:LAY Fallout Wiki:Article layout guideline
FW:LAYC Fallout Wiki:Article layout guideline/Character article
FW:LAYCR Fallout Wiki:Article layout guideline/Creature article
FW:LAYI Fallout Wiki:Article layout guideline/Item article
FW:LAYL Fallout Wiki:Article layout guideline/Location article
FW:LAYOUT Fallout Wiki:Article layout guideline
FW:LAYQ Fallout Wiki:Article layout guideline/Quest article
FW:MAS Fallout Wiki:Content organization guideline#Merging and splitting
FW:NAME Fallout Wiki:Content organization guideline#Naming
FW:ORG Fallout Wiki:Content organization guideline
FW:P Fallout Wiki:Policies and guidelines
FW:POLICY Fallout Wiki:Policies and guidelines
FW:UC Fallout Wiki:User conduct guideline
FW:VIDEO Fallout Wiki:Video policy

Other shortcuts[]

Shortcut Points to
FW:AB Fallout Wiki:About
FW:ABOUT Fallout Wiki:About
FW:ADMIN Fallout Wiki:Administrators and moderators
FW:CA Fallout Wiki:Create article
FW:CAL Category:Article creation templates
FW:CHAT Fallout Wiki:Chat
FW:COPY Fallout Wiki:Copyrights
FW:CREATE Fallout Wiki:Create article
FW:DUP Fallout Wiki:Duplicate files
FW:EXT Fallout Wiki:Extensions
FW:F Forum:Index
FW:FEAT Fallout Wiki:Featured articles
FW:FORUM Forum:Index
FW:IRC Fallout Wiki:IRC channel
FW:L Fallout Wiki:Links
FW:MM Fallout Wiki:Maintenance manual
FW:N Blog:News
FW:NEWS Blog:News
FW:PRO Fallout Wiki:Projects
FW:RAW Fallout Wiki:Raw game data
FW:SC Fallout Wiki:Shortcuts
FW:SHORT Fallout Wiki:Shortcuts
FW:SKINS Fallout Wiki:Skins
FW:T Fallout Wiki:Templates
FW:URR Fallout Wiki:Administrators and moderators#User rights requests
FW:WD Fallout Wiki:Wiki news digest

Namespace shortcuts[]

In addition to shortcuts which link directly to certain pages, there are also a few abbreviations for namespaces. "FW:" can be used as a shorter version of "Fallout Wiki:" and "FWT:" translates to "Fallout Wiki talk:". fr:L'Abri:Raccourcis