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Fatigue Hunger Thirst Sleep Disease Injury
Fatigue Level Sated Hydrated Tired END + Survival None


Weapon Skill TN TAG Damage Effects Type Rate Range Qualities Ammo
.44 Magnum small guns 12 checked box 6+1 Vault boy head.png Vicious Physical 1 C Close Quarters .44 4
Gauss Rifle small guns 12 checked box 10 Vault boy head.png Piercing 1 Physical 1 Long Two Handed 2mm EC 16
Machete melee weapons 5 3 Vault boy head.png Piercing 1 Physical 2

Perks & Skills[]

Perk or Trait Rank Effect
Gifted Trait Your maximum number of Luck points is one fewer than your Luck attribute.
Smooth Talker 1 When you make a Barter or Speech test as part of an opposed test, you may re-roll 1d20.
Inspirational 1 Because you lead by example, the maximum number of AP the group may save is increased by 1.
Gunslinger 1 When you make an attack with a one-handed ranged weapon with a Fire Rate of 2 or lower, you increase the weapon’s damage by +1 CD per rank. In addition, you may re-roll the hit location die..
Dogmeat 1 You aren’t alone in the wilderness. You have a pet dog that serves as a friend and ally in dangerous times (p.63).

Skill Rank Tag Associated stat
Athletics 1 unchecked box Strength
Barter 2 unchecked box Charisma
Big Guns 0 unchecked box Endurance
Energy Weapons 0 unchecked box Perception
Explosives 2 unchecked box Perception
Guns 0 unchecked box Agility
Lockpick 0 unchecked box Perception
Medicine 1 unchecked box Intelligence
Melee Weapons 0 unchecked box Strength
Pilot 2 unchecked box Perception
Repair 1 unchecked box Intelligence
Science 1 unchecked box Intelligence
Small Guns 5 checked box Agility
Sneak 3 checked box Agility
Speech 3 checked box Charisma
Survival 2 unchecked box Endurance
Throwing 0 unchecked box Strength
Unarmed 0 unchecked box Endurance


Left Side Center Right Side
Left Arm


Tough clothing

& sturdy leather

Phys. DR 4 Rad. DR 0
En. DR 5 HP 0
Head (1-2)
Tough clothing
Phys. DR 1 Rad. DR 0
En. DR 3 HP 0
Right Arm


Tough clothing
Phys. DR 2 Rad. DR 0
En. DR 2 HP 0
Torso (3-8)
Leather armor chest plate
Phys. DR 3 Rad. DR 0
En. DR 4 HP 0
Left Leg


Tough clothing

& sturdy leather

Phys. DR 4 Rad. DR 0
En. DR 5 HP 0
Right Leg


Tough clothing

& sturdy leather

Phys. DR 4 Rad. DR 0
En. DR 5 HP 0

Set of formal clothing and a formal hat [Re-roll a single d20 on two CHA-based skill tests each scene]

Note advertising a job for the Daughters of Freedom that offers to pay 50 caps

10 +5 rounds of .44 ammo

6 +3 rounds of .44 ammo


Radio [Generates bright light in a single zone within Medium range; the user may choose which zone is illuminated]

Personal Quest[]

Icon Quest Location(s) Special Perk
Personal Quest
I've Seen All Good People 501 Auburn Ave TBD



Level 1, Mammal, Normal Creature

Body Mind
5 4
Melee Guns Other
2 -- 1
HP Initiative Defense
6 13 (as PC) 1


Melee Bonus
50 lbs --
Phys DR Energy DR Rad/Poison DR
0 0 0
Bite: Body + Melee (TN 7), DMG 2, Vicious, Physical Damage
Special Abilities
Keen Senses: One or more of Dogmeat’s senses are especially keen; they can attempt to detect creatures or objects, which characters normally cannot, and they reduce the difficulty of all other PER tests by 1 (to a minimum of 0).
Attack Dog: When Dogmeat assists on one of your attacks, he must move within Reach of the target, and he inflicts his own melee damage on the target if the attack is successful.
Companion: Dogmeat’s level is the same as yours and increases whenever you level up. Increase either Dogmeat’s Body or Mind by +1 when you reach level 3 or any odd-numbered level after that. Increase Dogmeat’s HP by +1 per level, and with any increases to Body. Increase Dogmeat’s bite damage by +1 at 5th level and every 5 levels beyond that.

You aren’t alone in the wilderness. You have a pet dog that serves as a friend and ally in dangerous times. The dog has the profile shown to the side and is treated as an allied NPC creature under your command (see p.338). If you need to forage for food and water, your dog looks after themselves. If your dog is slain, then you either find a new dog before the next adventure, or you may trade this perk for a different one after this adventure.